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Date: July 8, 2024 - 19.00-21:30 CET (1:00-3:30 pm EDT) In this workshop, we will explore the essence of healing through a nondual perspective. While some techniques may be more

I am a spiritual teacher of nondual healing and ethics, a healer, and an author. I dedicate my life and work to discovering and healing the true human nature.

Tadeja Bradaš

Ko se približamo tistim stvarem, ki nas zlomijo, se dotaknemo tudi tistih stvari, ki nas odprejo.

In v tem odpiranju odkrijemo svojo pravo naravo.


— Wayne Muller

No matter how hopeless and difficult life seems, when you stop and come closer to the things that broke you, you can discover who you really are and where your path leads you.

That's when you start to wake up and heal.

Come Closer

I am opening up space for healing and awakening into the self.

Učiteljica nedualnosti in etike

Avtorica in predavateljica

Ambasadorka duhovnosti v poslu

Duhovna terapevtka

Noben kamen ne bo ostal neobrnjen.
Tadeja Bradaš - duhovna učiteljica in terapevtka


This two-year program is a process of discovering one's own vulnerability and laying new foundations for interpersonal relationships in both private and professional life.


It is intended for individuals who want to improve their relationships, especially those who are professionally intensively involved in working with people: for example, in leadership, coaching, workshop facilitation, therapeutic work, healthcare, and education.


Etika je potovanje k sebi.

The four-year Nondual Kabbalistic Healing program is a profound process of alchemical transformation, where we touch every part of ourselves and the universe. It is a process of awakening and enlightenment that leads to wholeness.


It is intended for individuals who want more from life and are ready for deep healing to the place where our true self resides.


Jason Shulman - ustanovitelj A Society of Souls in tvorec programa Nondual Kabbalistic Healing

This is a journey towards discovering more of the woman within ourselves. Through companionship, conversation, and creative work, we get to know the forgotten woman within us. We redefine ourselves and our relationships in space and time.


The meetings are intended for all women seeking a new connection with themselves and others, a healthy community, and companionship in a supportive environment. Come alone, with your daughters and mothers, with sisters and friends.


Ženski krog - varen prostor za druženje, celjenje in rast

Individual sessions provide an exceptionally safe space full of understanding and kindness, where individuals can enter with everything they are—both their beauty and their pain. This is a journey of exploring, revealing, and illuminating.


It is intended for anyone who wishes to reclaim their life and strengthen their place in this world.


Individualne seanse - nežna, poglobljena in temeljita pot k celjenju duše in telesa

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This is What I Do

Meeting with Tadeja has elevated my solidarity (with others) and empowered me with the idea that the only fight I can fight is the fight for myself so that I can also fight for others. And it continues. I’m not sure if this process ever ends... Working with her continually reassures me that all my questions are valid and that it’s okay to take a step further, opening up to myself and others... It’s risky, at times challenging, but with this sense of challenge, my passion for life has strengthened.



— Ivana

Tadeja Tabitha Bradaš is the only therapist I have ever met who will go with you just anywhere and everywhere. She shares a great sense of compassion and courage and all-encompassing light and love all combined with great knowledge and understanding.A truly grounded spiritual healer. Excellent wound healer, from small scratches to old, ignored, deep wounds.No stone will be left unturned, but if you choose to leave it like that, she will let you do it and support you to prepare for the unturning, uncovering, she will not push you.Tadeja is very sincere and interested in life, the wholeness of it.I highly recommend Tadeja Tabitha Bradaš for any situation, as you will always get to see more, no matter if you are just looking for the right turn at the crossroads or are heading for a longer trip. And she will be there with you.For any sincere seeker, she is the best possible companion I can imagine. I suggest you take her hand!


— Nadja

Those of you who know me well already know that I wholeheartedly recommend a conversation with the excellent and wonderful Tadeja Bradaš. If you haven't heard of her yet and are on a path of inner growth, I am happy to share her new website where you can sign up for various workshops, personal counseling, and therapies! :) There is something for everyone!



— Lili

Through working with Tadeja and other students, my perspectives and understanding have become broader and far-reaching, while bringing peace and freedom. I have found myself in all my forms and manifestations, unleashing courage and kindness.


— Danka