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The Foundation of my Work

The foundation of my work is a relationship.

The fundamental relationship is the one with the self.



I believe that people who are willing to pause instead of constantly seeking solutions, people who are not afraid to fall and rise, can change their lives for the better and in doing so, can change the world for the better.


You have to be crazy enough to believe that you can actually do it – change the world, heal yourself. I am that crazy!


You have to think outside the box, you have to leave the safe, comfortable, predictable, and known world and cross the threshold of certainty into the vastness of the unknown. I do that!


I have found a way to be that person. I have worked, suffered, tired, fallen, and risen. Again and again and again.


It doesn't matter who or where you are; a banker, lawyer, engineer, doctor, teacher, waitress, nurse, mechanic, secretary... If you are willing to stir your pot, if you are curious about what awaits you on the other side of your expected life and world, come and join my teaching.


I will be your teacher, companion, supporter, your friend. I will be there when you're down, and I will celebrate your victories with you.


They've labeled me as crazy, unadapted, troublemaker, rebel. But what I really have been and still am is someone who looks at things/life differently. Someone who never gives up and someone who believes in the goodness of life and people.


What truly changed my life was the moment I woke up and realized that labels don't define me. What defines me is the belief in the goodness of change and trust in the world and life.


I'm doing this – waking up – every moment of my life.

05 May 2022